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5 great ideas for styling your home with a throw blanket

5 great ideas for styling your home with a throw blanket

Vouching for utmost warmth and comfort, throw blankets are perfect for transforming the look and feel of your home. Enriched with lush textures, chic woven patterns, and a stunning fringe, throw blankets can feature as the most versatile and effortless tool for styling your home. With minimal effort, you can cozy up and enliven your sofa, bed, armchair, or any resting space. Throw blankets can also be easily restyled to change the look of your home or used as a warm and inviting accent piece. My Cozy space has rounded up some great tips and ideas for styling and cozying up your home with a throw blanket.

Add a dose of warmth and character:

Warm and cozy, throw blankets are perfect for layering and adding character to your home. The chic patterns and tactile textures of a throw blanket effortlessly amp up the comfort and visual appeal of a space. For a minimalistic space consider throw blanket in a soft neutral shade. You can opt for beautifully woven Turkish cotton throw blankets that lend a sumptuous touch of texture and patterns to your modern home. If you want to add a bit of color and drama, choose a throw blanket with vibrant colors. Emerald green or cobalt blue throw blankets can add a stunning pop of color and patterns to your sofa without overpowering it.

Throw blankets are the perfect way to warm and cozy up your space. If you want to give a relaxed and inviting look to your space, then drape the blanket casually over your sofa, bed, or armchair. Use hand-knotted fringed throws to accentuate its cozy and laid-back presence.  To give a more polished touch to your home, neatly fold your throw pillow in two-thirds. This folded blanket can be displayed anywhere to bring character and a dose of warmth. Use your throw blanket to tie the room and give a thoughtful finishing touch to your space.

Cozy up your sofa with a throw blanket:


Throw blankets remain the perfect companion for a sofa or couch. Ideal for curling up, enjoying a restful nap, or cuddling up for a movie night, throw blanks are perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable. It can be styled on your sofa in several ways to make it more inviting and appealing. One of the most widely used methods is to casually drape a throw blanket onto one corner of the sofa. It can spread over the arms and reach for the back of your sofa. Casually scrunch and gather the throw to achieve an effortless tossed look. You can add pillows on top for a cozy finishing touch or neatly tuck one corner of the throw blanket behind the sofa cushions to hold it in place.

For a more polished and tidier look, neatly fold your throw blanket into two-thirds. Keep both edges of the blanket underside, meeting in the middle to achieve the perfect proportion. This folded throw can be displayed in various ways. One of the most popular ways remains to neatly drape the throw onto a sofa's arms. Choose a fringed throw to lend a relaxed yet sophisticated finishing touch. Folded throws can also be displayed on the seat, beautifully anchored with a few throw pillows. If the back of the sofa is more visible upon entering then add some drama by draping the throw blanket onto the back. Think about the dynamics and the feel of the space to perfectly drape your sofa with a throw blanket.




Amp up the comfort of your bed with a throw blanket:



A bed is another place where throw blankets can do wonders in elevating warmth and comfort. It can add a dose of color, patterns, and textures to become the perfect tool to style your bed. Fold the throw blanket horizontally and neatly drape it upon the foot of your bed. Placed above your blanket and quilt, the throw blanket is sure to add patterns and textures for a layered and sophisticated look.

For achieving a more relaxed look, casually drape the throw blanket at an angle to the foot of your bed. This can vouch for a causal and laid-back appeal, transforming your bed into the perfect resting nook. Many stylists also love layering with a number of throw blankets. Use a large throw to neatly drape it on the bed and casually drape the smaller one at an angle. Play with the textures and patterns to create your own nighttime oasis.




Transform your armchair or bench into the perfect reading and resting nook:


Armchairs stand among one of the best spots to place your throw blanket. The simple addition can transform your armchair into a comfy spot to snuggle up with a book or a mug of coffee. One of the easiest ways to style your armchair is to place a throw on one corner. Pinch it from one side and let it spread upon the arms and seat to attain an organic and relaxed look. You can anchor it with some cushions to transform it into the most inviting and cozy spot to relax.

Another great idea is to neatly fold the throw blanket and place it on the top. It is the perfect solution for armchairs that have their back exposed. Turkish throw blankets can add visual interest and rich textures to the bare back. Other places that could benefit from a throw are your bench and chaise. The addition of throw blankets can be one of the quick and easy ways to transform the look of these seating areas. Again you can casually drape the throw at an angle or let a folded throw drape from the seat. Enrich your seating area with the warmth and comfort of a throw blanket to create your own relaxing retreat.

Create a warm and inviting accent by displaying throw blankets:


Besides draping a piece of furniture, throw blanks can also serve as a warm and inviting accent for your home. One of the best ways to use your throw blanket as an accent piece is to stash and layer it into an accent basket. Just take out one corner of the folded throw outside and let it hang over the edge to create a cozy accent piece. This remains one of the most functional ways to style your throw blanket as you can store the throws, keep it within easy reach, and add inviting patterns and textures to the space. Use rattan or wicker baskets to lend a relaxed yet homey feel to your space.

Throw blankets displayed upon a ladder can also serve as a unique accent piece for your home.  You can use a stunning rustic ladder to hang a number of throws. Showcasing the throw blanket in full length, it can make an utterly warm and inviting statement and lend a laid-back look to your space. The display is also a great way to keep your throw blankets organized and within easy reach at all times.


Perfect as both a functional and decorative addition to your home, throw blankets are far from being hidden away in your closet. You can layer it upon a seating or resting space to keep yourself cozy. Throws can also add a rich pop of colors, patterns, and textures to elevate the visual appeal of your home. Opt for a casual and relaxed look by allowing the throw to freely drape and spread in a corner.

You can also fold the throw blanket in two-thirds and hang it over the arm or top of your sofa or armchair. Lay it flat or drape it over the bed to create a layered and cozy look. Lastly, transform your throw blankets into an inviting accent. Drape it over a basket or create a full-length display on a ladder to keep the throws within easy reach. Opt for the high-quality Turkish throw blankets that can keep your house looking warm and cozy for years to come.

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